About Spring Yard

Beer • Wine • Spirit • Soda.

From the team that brought you Peddler Market and Factory Floor Bar, comes Spring Yard Bottle Shop - Your friendly neighbourhood emporium of the best booze in town.

Beer, cider, wine and homemade soda, Spring Yard Bottle Shop has it all and is here to keep the people of Sheffield lubricated throughout lockdown and beyond.



Beer - this is what we’re all here for. From obscure and ridiculous craft beers from around the world, to local tipples we have enjoyed on many a drunken night of research.



Its not just beer we love, we also enjoy a glass of the fermented grape beverage too! You'll find a variety of styles from different parts of the world.



Some of us have experience in the world of mixology so it seemed appropriate to include some of our go to spirits that we have relied on over the years.



We also specialise in super tasty non-alcoholic sticky fizzy sodas too - Nice on their own or even nicer with mixed with your favourite spirit.

Fronted by the handsome faces of the Peddler Market crew, Spring Yard Bottle Shop offers a new take on your standard beer shop. This team of lovable rogues and misfits have spent years tirelessly and selflessly ‘researching’ the best booze around. They’ve swigged and sloshed their way around the globe, sampling the best craft beer available. Now they are ready to share their knowledge and wisdom with the people of Sheffield. 

Partnering up with the best breweries and the most pioneering producers across ol’ Blighty, Spring Yard Bottle Shop stocks all manner of boozy delights – some you know and some you definitely don’t. These award-winning producers are known for knocking out some of the best nectar in the land and Spring Yard Bottle Shop are proud to call them family. Bevvies from breweries including Buxton, Abbeydale, RedWillow, BlackJack and Neepsend adorn our shelves, alongside authentic cider from the likes of Hogan’s, Independent wine from around the globe and spirits and homemade soda direct from Factory Floor. With more added each week, everyone’s taste buds will be in on the action.

Strictly a online affair for now, Spring Yard Bottle Shop will evolve as the world kicks Covid to the kerb. Huge plans are afoot this summer for a good old bricks-and-mortar store, where Sheffield folk can sample, shop and soak up the summer sun in our courtyard whilst enjoying a good old slurp of the good stuff.

Meet The Boys

Illustration of Spring Yard Team Member Jonny

Jonny has spent many years working in and around booze. He has spent many more years drinking it.

Although I specialise in mixology, I also have a lot of experience in the craft beer and wine world. Not only is it a big part of my job but also my life. I follow the scenes quite closely and am constantly looking out for something exciting. I am a closet beer ticker and, sadly, keep constant documentation of what I drink.

I have been involved in menu development in all my previous bar jobs – from curating tap takeovers at Peddler market, to writing the can and bottle list at a popular city centre bar, to wine tasting in busy carparks.

I currently work at Factory Floor, which showcases tank fresh beer from our neighbours Neepsend, a selection of interesting craft beer, a thoroughly ‘researched’ wine list and drip-infused spirits.

My personal beer styles of choice are sours and wild fermentation ales. Think Goses, Saisons, Flanders reds, Lambics and everything in between. I tend to go for the more interesting, obscure and sometimes even elusive brews, but I’d also happily sip a Juicy IPA or a big Stout, season depending.

Illustration of Spring Yard Team Member Viktor

Recently back from a New Zealand adventure, Viktor is a familiar face on the Sheffield scene

I’m Viktor, I’m 33 years old and I have over 12 years experience working in the licensed trade. I started working in pubs in Sheffield in 2009. Since then I’ve managed two bars in Sheffield and more recently worked at a brewpub in Wellington, New Zealand.

I don’t consider myself an expert or connoisseur and I’ve always tried my best not to hurl my half thought out opinions onto the internet, as if they’re important or whatever. There’s plenty of self appointed experts out there who are willing to do that without being asked. I’ll just chat rubbish about things I like.

Speaking of which, there’s very few things beer-wise I won’t drink. I’ll give anything a go but my go to styles tend to be big IPAs, big stouts & porters and, to be honest, I do love a good old fashioned pint of lager.

Illustration of Spring Yard Team Member Shaun

Shaun has worked for various beery institutions across the Steel City, most notably our very own Peddler Market

I’m Shaun. Over the years I’ve worked in many beer focussed bars around Sheffield and beyond – Of course that includes the Peddler Market bar. Throughout these long arduous years I’ve put on plenty of tap takeovers with renowned breweries, been responsible for selecting the products we stock and keeping up with the latest and greatest in the world of booze.

I’d like to think I’ve had a positive impact on the reputation of these venues, making them destinations for good beer in Sheffield.

Despite this I actually can’t drink any beer due to various allergies. It affects me in ways I don’t want to write about in this, but I am able to use my knowledge and experience well for generating a great menu.

When it comes to writing about the beers we stock, I will mainly be focusing on the labels, the artwork, the producers and of course the allergens list. If I’m feeling brave, maybe even the smell (if I can get close enough.)

Illustration of Spring Yard Team Member Ben

Ben’s Dad used to take him to the Family Records Office in London, in a desperate attempt to unearth some family scandal. 

During his university days, Ben’s dad introduced him to CAMRA beer festivals in old community centres in an attempt to ween him off his dependance on Fosters. This initially felt like a similar level of sufferance to those endless hours at the Family Records centre, but over time he begrudgingly grew to enjoy being in a unventilated space with 300 middle aged men.

Ben eventually came face to face with the modern face of good beer on a trip round the East Coast of US in 2009. He was instantly converted and came back to Blighty and immersed himself in the growing micro-brewing scene in London. In a desperate bid to flea his proper job, he started volunteering to clean brewers Mash tuns for them and deliver their beer.

Those formative years saw him convert a horse box to serve craft beer and go on the road and wind his way back up to Sheffield. Ben is partly responsible for the national horse box shortage we see today. He knows a fair bit about beer but will always describe a fruity hopped pale ale as ‘alcoholic Lilt’.

Just a few of the breweries and producers we work with

Abbeydale Brewery Logo
Atom Brewery
Blackjack Brewery
Buxton Brewery Logo
Freedom Brewery Logo
Kirkstall Brewery Logo
Lervig Brewery Logo
Magic Rock Brewing Logo
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